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Meteorology professor partners with data science team to analyze storm reports

Bill Gallus, professor of geological and atmospheric sciences, has joined forces with a data science team to analyze and clean up thunderstorm reports compiled by the National Weather Service. The goal of this research group is to determine which reports accurately describe storms that had winds greater than 58 mph. This is no small feat. Scientists will pour over 12 years of reports which chronicle 180,000 severe thunderstorms.

ISU community celebrates musical milestones at "Bells of Iowa State" Gala Anniversary Concert

Cyclone alumni, faculty and students gathered at the “Bells of Iowa State” Gala Anniversary Concert in October. They enjoyed musical performances, celebrated historical milestones and witnessed the unveiling of a musical marvel—a one-fifth scale model of the iconic campanile-carillon.

Physics research group delves into new states of matter

Jigang Wang, professor of physics and astronomy, and his research group are developing new tools and techniques to access new states of matter hidden within superconducting and other complex materials. Harnessing these exotic states could lead to better computing, communicating and data-storing technologies.

Six books and counting: Iowa State student gets jump-start on writing career

Ryan Byrnes ('20 technical communication) has been tinkering with plot lines since grade school. His latest novel, "Royal Beauty Bright," was picked up by Amphorae Publishing Group and released in November. This ISU student shares insights and details about his ISU experience that led him to become an entrepreneurial author.

Young earns $1.5 million National Science Foundation grant

Less than 5% of graduates who earn a Ph.D. in mathematics are people of color. Michael Young, associate professor of mathematics, is working hard to boost those numbers. Young recently secured a $1.5 million National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to study the successful experiences of Ph.D. mathematics students from underserved populations.

Revealing research into substance abuse disorders

A growing number of young adults are dealing with a substance use disorder (SUD)—in some cases, multiple substance use disorders—and not seeking help, according to a study led by Brooke Arterberry, assistant professor of psychology. Published in the Journal of American College Health, this research is the first study to examine the prevalence, remission and treatment associated with SUDs among young adults.