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A message from the Alumni Director

Kim McDonough, Director of Alumni Relations.
Kim McDonough, Director of Alumni Relations.

It was one of those e-mails that I will never forget. Shortly after the LAS Honors and Awards Ceremony a couple of years ago, I received a thank you note from one of our alumni award recipients. It began simply enough: “a very heartfelt thank you for your efforts,” but the part that has always stuck with me was: “[This award] is now one of my most cherished possessions.”

The pride and loyalty expressed in that one sentence is what drives my work every day. I have the privilege of working with exceptional alumni like the person who wrote this letter and LAS award winners every day. As alumni, your passion for supporting the college is incredible. And all of your support – whether it is sharing your professional experience with students, nominating other alumni for awards, following LAS on social media, or providing financial support – is greatly appreciated. As for that e-mail, I still pull it out on occasion and use it as a source of inspiration.

If you are interested in connecting with the college, I would love to hear from you. I invite you to share your stories and accomplishments with us.

Kim McDonough
Director of Alumni Relations
Journalism and Mass Communication B.A. ’02, M.S. ’04, Ph.D. ’17 Education 515-294-7487